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Aug 10, 2013 8:45pm EDT
was shot multiple times and the sergeant of mr. hassan down. that is an example of putting citizens safety ahead of the police on the streets safely. other examples as well. >> back to the armored vehicle, they were utilized for a number of different purposes. one was places that were heavily fortified and that they were like a jail and then utilized for that. they filed a suit against him and you have no weapons attached to them. the only weapons that could be utilized for the weapons that they talked about in its that highest caliber was a 308. they were utilized appropriately he said they should be regulated and we showed them our paperwork and how we administer the use of those. that is how they were utilized and they were never done away with. maricopa county and the sheriff, who i really don't like, -- [applause] [laughter] >> i consider him a man of duty. now, having said that, he got a regular tax and unpaid it would the maricopa county -- and embarrassed his deputies. one because they were at uniform and that is part of it. to because they had put themselves in vulnerable p
Aug 10, 2013 7:30pm EDT
brotherhood thinkers and ideologues. hassan albani who we mentioned and another name we should know google google it because our government apparently has sent. he really in the modern day provided the framework for the endless jihad of al qaeda and its offshoots want today in what they are trying to carry out. every al qaeda leader worth his suicide belt basically points to society needs subnine as their inspiration. he was their chief propagandist and i talked the muslim brotherhood who say he was a great man but he lost his way again. when he was in prison he got radicalized. but brother sayyid you have to take his writings in context. the ones who want to wage perpetual jihad until islam reigns supreme over the world? taking it back to the mosques in america have been on the ground and muslim brotherhood enclaves from coast to coast and i have to tell you it's a funny thing. actually it's a horrible thing, to go to a place like nashville tennessee the buckle of the bible belt and see muslim brotherhood linked groups, concrete links. i document it in the. to see these characters buildin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2